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CSF B58 Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer (2020+ Toyota GR Supra/ BMW B58)

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The Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer will further lower intake air temps in the Super Manifold on the A90 Toyota Supra.


This is the CSF Thermal Rejection Competition Spacer, and this is an upgrade for the CSF Super Manifold for the B58 platform. This component is made from KIYLEX which is a patented revolutionary high-performance final-stage polymer material that is as strong as aluminum and can withstand temperatures up tp 100°F. This spacer is designed to insulate the intake manifold from conductive heat transfer from the cylinder head. This thermal barrier will reduce manifold temperatures which helps lower the intake air temperatures, additionally, it will improve the charge air cooling efficiency while deflecting heat soak. 



  • Designed to work with CSF's Super Manifold for the B58 manifold
  • Made from KIYLX which is a patented revolutionary high-performance final-stage polymer
  • Spacer height: 6.5mm
  • Acts as a thermal barrier that dissipates heat between the cylinder head and the intake manifold
  • Proven to lower the intake manifold temperatures by up to 15%
  • Lowers the intake air temperatures
  • Can withstand temps up to 1100°F and is as strong as aluminum 
  • Self-sealing and does NOT require gaskets, silicone products, or sealing agents of any kind
  • Competition tested by the 1000+ HP A90 Supras 
  • Includes new installation hardware and instructions 
  • Highly recommended for drag/roll racing applications where vehicles typically sit in staging lanes in between racing 



  • Will NOT work on the OEM intake manifold