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CSF BMW Gen 1 B58 Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold - Machined Billet Aluminum

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CSF has had tremendous success with its Gen 2 B58 “Super Manifold” for G-Chassis BMW and Supra with over 450 units sold and counting (CSF #8200/8200B/8200C). Due to its industry leading design and proven performance, CSF has received countless requests to engineer its “Super Manifold” for the Gen 1 B58 F-Chassis BMW platform. Finally, the wait is over for Gen 1 B58 customers! The “Super Manifold” is now available for your BMW. You no longer have to settle for a lower quality product.

The Gen 1 B58 Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold has all the same features and specs as the lasted version of the CSF Gen 2 manifold. This also includes some additional improvements for a better fit and finish over the competition. You can read about the development of the CSF Gen 2 B58 “Super Manifold” in our original press release.

Why Upgrade?

With the Gen 1 B58 powered BMWs getting a little bit older, more tuners and enthusiasts are picking them for competition. This has greatly increased the demand for more motorsports grade products for more power and reliability. Many vehicles are pushing well over 600 horsepower and needing additional fuel and cooling to reach their power goals. The CSF “Super Manifold” is the all in one solution for proven performance and the largest feature set in the industry.

The OEM charge-air-cooler manifold for the B58 engine is adequate in cars with little or no modifications. However, it starts to really its weaknesses in cars that have bolt-on modifications, turbo upgrades, increased fueling (such as port injection), and performance tuning. In addition, the OEM intercooler system has been known to suffer from heat soak in demanding racing conditions such as time attack, endurance racing, drag racing, and drifting, as well as spirited driving on the street. This can cause the car to pull timing out of the engine due to high intake air temperatures (IATs). This can send the car into “limp mode” once temperatures reach a certain threshold. In high boost applications the OEM manifold is also prone to failing at the crimp on gasket joining of the core and tanks.

Design & Engineering

In development of the Charge-Air-Cooler Manifold for the Gen 2 B58, CSF conducted extensive testing on the dyno with R&D partner VF Engineering. This consisted of over 50 dyno runs on the same car, on the same day, in relatively hot ambient conditions (~90°F) comparing the performance of the CSF Charge-Air Cooler Manifold to the OEM. Both the CSF and OEM cooler went through roughly 25 back-to-back dyno pulls every 30 seconds to measure the performance of the car overtime, resistance to heat soak, recovery time, and the effect on the turbo system duty cycle. You can read all about the testing procedures and results on MotoIQ‘s website – read the article here. This in-depth and through testing sets CSF apart from the competition.