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KLM Race BMW 340i Turbo Kit (Gen 1 B58)

Original price $5,906.55 - Original price $8,416.60
Original price
$5,906.55 - $8,416.60
Current price $5,906.55

*Optional GESI High Flow is designed to meet current regulations on vehicles producing up to 1200hp. However, selection of this option does NOT imply this product is suitable for emission controlled vehicles. This product in all variations is still strictly intended for off-road/competition use only and can not be used on public roadways with registered vehicles. Customers are solely responsible for complying with their state, federal, and local ordnances, please review our full terms and conditions upon check out. *

Turbo kit include:

1.) Precision Turbo
2.) Wastegates TS 45mm
3.) Blow off Valve [Ts Gen V]
4.) Coupler [3″] OR [2.5-3″]
5.) Hose clamps [(2)X3″] OR [(1)X2.5″/(1) X3″]
6.) Manifold True Twin Scroll T4 Divided Dual Wastegate
7.) 3.5″ Down Pipe
8.) Dump Tubes (X2)
9.) Intercooler Piping with 3 Weld Fittings/ 1 BOV Flange
10.) 3″ Pro Clamp Full Assembly
11.) Vband Clamp for Down Pipe
12.) Turbo Studs & Turbo Gasket (Trimed Studs)
13.) 10AN Nylon Braid Hose (X2 Feet)
14.) 10AN Hose end Fitting 1 X 45Degree
15.) 10 AN Hose end fitting 1 X 90 degree
16.) Stainless Braid Oil feed Line 2 Feet Vibrant
17.) Silicon Vacuum Hose (X 4 Feet)
18.) Heat Shield with M8x16mm (X2)
19.) 4AN to 4AN 90 Degree Oil Feed Fitting
20.) Oil Return Block Fitting 10AN (use factory bolt and O-ring)
21.) Oil Feed Block Fitting 4AN (use factory bolt and O-ring)
22.) Coolant Block Off Front (use factory bolt and O-ring)
23.) Coolant Block Off Back
24.) Turbo Oil Drain Fitting / with Bolts (qty.2)
25.) M6x12mm Bolts for Intercooler Piping (X3) one for map
26.) Heat Tape (20 Inches)
27.) Vacuum T Fittings (X1)
28.) Stickers and Licenses Plate Frame
29.) 1/8″ NPT Plugs (x2)

Optional Heat Protection Package
A.) Torque solutions heat blanket
B.) Turbo drain and feed line heat sleeve
C.) Vacuum line heat sleeve